From its release in 2008, ACTIFUSE bone graft substitute set a new standard for improved bone healing. Backed by 10 years of clinical experience and level 2 clinical evidence showing successful bone fusion results at 12 months, ACTIFUSE offers orthopaedic and spinal surgeons the opportunity to accelerate bone formation in challenging cases.1,2

Enhanced image of porous Actifuse flow product

Accelerated Bone Growth

The unique ACTIFUSE formula has the ideal silicon content demonstrated to be optimal for bone formation in an animal model.3,* With 80% porosity designed to mimic cancellous bone, ACTIFUSE is osteoconductive, osteostimulative, and provides accelerated bone growth.4,5

*Preclinical data. Results may not correlate to performance in humans.


Mechanism of Action

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Additional Product Benefits

Innovative Delivery and Ease-of-Use

ACTIFUSE bone graft substitute offers accelerated bone growth in many ready-to-use, prepackaged delivery options1. ACTIFUSE is designed for small void filling, osteotomies and plastic surgery or in Spinal fusion where a cage or screw fixation device is used.1

Solutions for Minimally Invasive Surgery

ACTIFUSE MIS provides for controlled delivery of ACTIFUSE bone graft substitute in minimally invasive procedures in spine and general orthopedic applications.6

Distinctive and Versatile Handling

ACTIFUSE ABX and ACTIFUSE SHAPE support the surgeon’s technique by allowing for precise handling and implantation.2,7