Advanced Surgery Advantage

A data-driven, evidence-based haemostasis optimisation programme

The Burden of Bleeding


Average rate of bleeding complications during surgery1

6 Days

Length of stay associated with bleeding-related complications or transfusions1


Potential incremental cost of bleeding complications per patient hospitalisation for major surgeries1

The Challenge of Surgical Bleeding

Surgical bleeding can lead to complications and increased allogeneic blood utilisation creating headwinds to meeting your performance measures.

Surgical bleeds are associated with increased complication rates in1:

Surgical revisions


Length of stay

Increased resource utilisation 

Focus on blood management protocols emphasising intraoperative interventions, including use of topical haemostatic agents, can help mitigate these challenges.

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What Is Advanced Surgery Advantage?

Advanced Surgery Advantage is a data-driven, evidence-based haemostasis optimisation programme. It supports hospital initiatives aimed at:

Reducing intraoperative blood loss

Reducing blood transfusions

Optimising patient outcomes after surgery

Reducing waste

Cost avoidance

It provides an approach to partnering with hospitals in support of their goals and quality initiatives.

Image of three connected circles related to Vital Edge - Clinical Efficacy, Financial Performance and Operational Efficiency

Efficiencies in the Operating Room

Through Advanced Surgery Advantage, Baxter’s Advanced Surgery team partners with hospitals in support of their goals and quality programs. Advanced Surgery Advantage provides actionable insights and practical solutions related to intraoperative haemostasis that will help healthcare providers realise marked improvements in three, interconnected areas of surgical care:

Clinical efficacy

Financial performance

Operational efficiency

Program Features

Advanced Surgery Advantage offers several potential collaboration opportunities

Live Utilisation Review

To help hospitals assess their current state of haemostat utilisation, Baxter conducts unbiased observation reviews of haemostat and sealant use, resulting in a detailed report of findings and improvement opportunities.

Health Economic Assessment

To help hospitals quantify potential efficiency savings, Baxter works with hospitals to create a model to assess potential savings and measure results after implementing process improvement opportunities.

Patient Blood Management

To help hospitals assess the impact of implementing an intraoperative haemostasis protocol to reduce transfusions, Baxter supports the operating room surgical team in identifying clinical endpoints and evaluation criteria to measure the success of improvement initiatives.

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