From routine haemostasis to unexpected bleeds, surgeons around the world trust FLOSEAL haemostatic matrix to stop various bleeding grades8. FLOSEAL’s superior performance and range of applicator tips provide precise delivery to promote healing at the site of surgery.
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Choose Better Outcomes. Choose FLOSEAL.

Inadequate surgical haemostasis and uncontrolled bleeding may lead to transfusion and/or other bleeding-related complications1, worse clinical outcomes and higher hospital costs2.

During the last 20 years, FLOSEAL Haemostatic Matrix has been shown to result in better clinical and hospital resource utilisation outcomes.

Take an Active Approach to Haemostasis

FLOSEAL consists of a unique combination of patented gelatin granules and human thrombin to provide quick (2 min median time to haemostasis), effective haemostasis8. Learn more about how FLOSEAL works.

Additional Product Benefits

The Leader in Haemostasis

For certain surgical procedures, use of FLOSEAL Haemostatic Matrix is associated with shorter length of surgery3, fewer intensive care unit days4, significantly lower risks of complications, blood transfusions and surgical revisions5.

Consistent Performance

FLOSEAL has been proven to perform quickly and consistently across a range of bleeds8.

Health Economic Benefits

The use of FLOSEAL can result in improved resource utilisation outcomes and substantial Cost Savings for hospitals – up to £1.1M* per year6 and £1,706 per spinal procedure*.7

*$1 = £0.76 exchange rate as at 31.3.2022