INDUCTIGRAFT osteoinductive bone graft substitute enables surgeons to provide a product with enhanced porosity and adaptability that today’s challenging orthopaedic surgeries require.
Image of Altapore in applicator

Enhanced image of porous Altapore product

Enhanced Bone Growth

With enhanced micro and macro porosity and ideal silicon content shown to be optimal for bone formation2,3,4,5, INDUCTIGRAFT is designed to promote early vascularisation, increase cellular activity, and enhance bone growth as demonstrated in in-vitro and in-vivo pre-clinical studies.1,2,3,*

*Preclinical data. Results may not correlate to performance in humans.

Mechanism of Action

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Additional Product Benefits

Enhanced Performance

INDUCTIGRAFT achieves fusion rates on par with autograft—the gold standard in bone fusion. 4,5,6,*

*Preclinical data. Results may not correlate to performance in humans.

Versatility and Ease of Use

The precise handling characteristics of INDUCTIGRAFT allow the product to be molded into multiple shapes to adapt to various surgical needs when using as standalone, with autograft, or bone marrow aspirate.1

Enhanced Porosity

The interconnected and open porous structure of the silicate-substituted calcium phosphate phase of INDUCTIGRAFT is similar to human cancellous bone and is designed to promote enhanced bone growth.2